Jamie’s Time of the Week #1


If you’re reading this your currently on Ireland’s newest coolest website for tech and celeb news. If you’re not reading this are you even sound?

Anyways,Im Jamie Harrington(That youngfella from Facebook as my nana calls me) and this is my weekly segment on Trendster! This is where I’ll waffle about random stuff and give the editor a headache like a hangover because of my awful spelling.

So this week was a grand oul week for me. I was just doing my usual bits and pieces. I volunteer with Teenline Ireland,Teenline is a national freephone helpline for teenagers in need of someone to talk too,I’m an ambassador with the and this week I got to meet rugby legend Paul O Connell who came to the office because toyota were mad sound and donated €12,000 to us. (http://teenline.ie/upcoming-events/)Thanks for that lads!

Now that ive done the serious bit its time to talk about gods gift to ireland. The humble spicebag. Salt and chilli chips and chicken and veg all mixed up in a wonderful bag of spicy goodness. My personal favourite comes from Rose Garden in finglas village. A couple of weeks ago I joined the spicebag appriciation society on facebook and it was the best idea ever!! Because im around the country a lot with gigs I do need to know where the best spice bag is,Let me know where your favourite spicebag comes from!

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