LinkedIn As A Business Tool

Along with many others, I believe that LinkedIn is an amazing and must-have business tool. Some would view it as the Facebook for business.

So how can it benefit me?

You can add old connections, to see their business updates, and new ones and message to make meetups with new or old connections! As well as seeing your connections updates, you can post your own updates, kind of like a Facebook status.

In your profile you can put your online cv,and other connections can endorse your skills. This lets everyone else who views you profile know that you are good at what you do. You can even get job offers from LinkedIn. You can also access all of this on your phone via their mobile app.

There are different levels of LinkedIn Premium, which allow to do extra features such as;

  • 1. Contacting people even if you are not connected to them
  • 2. See who’s viewed your profile
  • 3. Advanced search filters
  • 4. Unlimited profile search
  • 5. And more..

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