Welcome To Trendster

Welcome to Trendster,

The home of real stories, the home of real opinons, the home of the voice of a generation. Everyday stories break, wars start, products launch, and policticans make headlines, however how many times have you read an article by a teenager about the US Presidential election? Or about the Syrian Refugee crisis? Over the past few months we have built a platform that will allow you do just that. We have built a place were teenagers and students all around the World can give their views for the first time on those headlines, and were they can tell their stories.

Our team will be working to make sure that everyones stories are told, and everyones opinions heard, and we want you to help by sharing, commenting and getting the word out, and together we can be the voice of a generation. “The telling of stories creates the real World” – Alberto Manguel. We can and will be the voice of a generation.

Best Wishes and Enjoy,

Harry McCann & Jack Cullen

Co-Founders of Trendster

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